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We had two days in Alexandria on the Wonders of the Eastern Med. cruise in 2009. On the first day we walked around the City but (surprise, surprise) we were continually pestered by a horse drawn carriage driver and had to cross the road to get away from him. Met up with several other Saga people and went into the Cecil Hotel (now a Sofitel). Just had a coffee, about £2.75 each (minimum charge). The Ruby was docked in a pleasant (presumably new) port area with touristy shops and plenty of greenery - very nice. A local group entertained us on board in the evening, very good even though the belly dancer wore a body stocking and the dancers "invited" people to join them on stage - there aren't many things more embarrassing than this!

Second day and a trip to El Alamein. After missing the trip to Gallipoli when we were in Canakkale, and regretting it, I wasn't going to miss this one! First the Museum, extremely good although the English commentary left a lot to be desired. Having said that, how would Arabic speakers get on in our Country! Second, to the Cemetery. Only 30 minutes here but it is beautifully kept and is a wonderful (if sad) place to visit.
We stopped for lunch at the Hilton (grilled chicken) on the way back, ordered two Pepsis - they never came.
Back on board Saga had an Arabian Deck Party in the evening, Edna and Ann made a big effort and dressed (as near as possible) in Arabian gear. Apart from the staff they were the only ones who bothered. Am I being cocky when I say that, before the party, we won the evening quiz for the fifth time running? (Yes I am, but who cares?)

The Unknown Soldier, Alexandria
The Unknown Soldier

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