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2014 Saga Sapphire

A bit of a disappointment really. It was a Monday and the Moorish Palace was open from Tuesday to Saturday! Still, we had a nice walk around and bought some postcards! Having said all that, the Square that the Town Hall is in and the Cathedral are very impressive. The most exciting thing that happened this day was that I knocked my head on the top of a kiosk on board and had to be attended by the nurse (blood streaming down my face). The kiosk was about 6' and I'm 6'3"! They have put a "warning" strip on there since but..... Strangely enough it was the same nurse who attended me on the Saga Ruby trip the year before!

2014 Saga Pearl II

Am I glad we went back! The Moorish Palace (Alcazabar of Almeria) is, apparently, the second largest Muslim fortress in Andalusia (after the Alhambra, I'd like to go there one day) and is stunning! On the Sapphire trip I took 9 photos in Almeria, on this trip 47 (mostly of the Fortress and surroundings). If you ever visit Almeria visit the Fortress, one of the great stops on this cruise. There was some filming taking place (don't know what but they do have lots of films shot in Almeria - I now understand why) so there were certain places, within the Fortress, that we could not go but, if ever you go somewhere they are filming there has to be a good reason so it was a positive. Wonderful day (and I'm typing this without even looking at Edna's journal - perhaps I'll read it now and find out what I've missed). Having read Edna's journal now I shall just add the following bits. "It was really lovely up there, if a bit of a hike". Don't walk there unless you're pretty fit. "I was suddenly presented with a strong Spanish arm, which was most welcome". I was, presumably, taking one of the 47 photos! Edna notes that, among the films shot in Almeria, there was Conan the Barbarian, Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (don't remember where this info came from). On the shuttle bus on the way back we passed "H & M" and someone said "We've got one of those in Staines". As we lived within walking distance of Staines, at the time, we looked around but didn't have a clue who said it. Another mystery in life!

Almeria Cathedral in 2014 and 2014! It's funny how one takes the same pictures again

And again! 2014 and 2014, the Monument in the Town Hall Square

A few pictures of Alcazabar of Almeria



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