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Amadeus Symphony in Zell

Built 2003

As this boat was exclusively Saga we expected it to be the quality of Saga Sea Cruise Ships. Unfortunately not! Not being owned by Saga it did not have the Saga staff quality. There was no pretence at silver service in the dining room, which was slow, and, in fact one of the (East European) waiters served meals with a "There you go"! Not in a million years could I imagine any of the Filipinos on a Saga ship saying that.

The dining room was pleasant, if cramped because the cruise was full, and the food was good, if not too much choice. The waiters were all very pleasant with good English but the meals were slow. All in at a certain time. Starter / salad served to everyone. Wait (if you don't want a starter just wait). Soup served to every one. Wait (I rarely had soup so just waited). Main course served to everyone. Wait. Then sweet served to everyone. Portions weren't large so it should not take over 2 hours (in some cases) to get through a meal.

The lounge / bar was good but was, basically, the only place to sit outside of the cabin so when something was going on which one didn't want to join then..... nowhere for a quiet read. There was a sun deck but this was often closed because of low bridges (no mention in the brochure).

No complaints about the cabin (Strauss Deck). Clean and more than adequate.

This sounds negative but I can't help comparing it to a Saga Sea Cruise. If was below the standard of Viking but was a lot less expensive and is probably 3-4 star. Good but not as good as expected. Still, we met some nice people!

2017 Grand Cruise of the Rhine, Moselle and Main


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Amadeus Symphony