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The Arcadia (from a postcard)


Entered Service 2005 - 83,000 tons

A great improvement on the Adonia! A wonderful ship with excellent service although the cabins were, to be honest, smaller than we expected. It still doesn't, however, have the "cosiness" or the "class" of the Saga ships (and the costs of "extras" are still way above Saga!). The BIG plus on Saga is one sitting for dinner (19.00 to 21.30). Dinner between these times and still time for the team quiz (which we love) and the show. Arcadia two sittings (18.30 or 20.30). Too early or too late. If you have lunch you don't want dinner at 18.30, if you dine at 20. 30 you miss either the show (22.45, there's also a show at 20.45 for early diners) or the quiz (23.00). Saga cruises may cost more initially but check everything else first.

2006. Images of the Mediterranean.

2006. Canaries Carousel

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