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1977 (with sister Ann), 1981.

Glyfada actually, but only a short bus ride from the centre of Athens. Greece has the history of Europe at it's feet and Athens is, of course, the centre of it all. Two holidays (with two different women!). Like all of Greece, that we have visited, fabulous. The people, the sites, the food, the music. Fabulous!

In 1977 Ann and I went on a day cruise to a few Greek Islands (Aegina, Poros and Hydra). The first two photos below are, almost certainly, on this trip. In 1981 Edna and I went on a mini cruise to Ephesus and a few more Greek Islands. Both trips were Magic!

Edna and I also visited Piraeus (the Port for Athens) on the 2003 Adonia and the 2012 Saga Ruby cruises. We did have a look around Piraeus in 2003 and there are quite a few nice shops and we went into a couple of very ornate Greek Orthodox Churches. Stayed on board in 2012!
On the Saga Pearl II in 2014 we visited again and, this time, we bought tickets for an open top bus trip to Athens (no stops) combined with a mini road train tour (we love those) of Piraeus. Cost about £8 each and was great! To see the Parthenon again as well as a few other sites of Athens AND a mini train for 8 quid. Come on! You couldn't beat it.
Visited again on the 2015 Gallipoli Cruise and stayed overnight. As we'd never made the trip along the coast to Cape Sounion before, we decided to do the evening trip which promised a fine sunset (weather permitting) as well as an ancient Temple. All very impressive, the Temple stood (as the name of the place suggested) on a Cape and we had a good wander around. The weather was kind and we saw a lovely sunset on the way back to the ship. Back on board (after a late, quick dinner) there was Greek dancing from a group who'd come on board. Pretty good although we're not very keen on them getting people to join in and, generally, making fools of themselves (we're very staid). So to bed, whacked. We heard that one of our quiz team (Mike) had had a heart attack and had been taken to the local hospital to have a stent fitted and would be there for a week. What must his wife, Lynda, be feeling? Mind you, he was lucky that it happened here and not at sea or at some remoter place. The outcome could have been a lot worse.

Ann (somewhere in Greece), Terry (somewhere in Greece) and The Acropolis (that's in Athens!)

Ann (somewhere in Greece!)Terry (somewhere in Greece!)The Acropolis


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