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1974 Had a quiet week in November with brother in law Ron. Benalmadena was a much more low key resort in those days.

1993 Stayed in an excellent time share called Sahara Sunset but my abiding memory of this holiday is that I had a bad back! It came on a couple of weeks before and, at times, I was in absolute agony. Spent many an hour and Peseta being pummeled by a masseur, not sure that it really did any good (except to his bank balance) and he told me on my first visit to expect it to get worse before it got better. Our local supermarket was called ALDI, had never heard of them before! Litre of red wine 74 Pts. (about 37p) but it was quite drinkable. Our "usual" restaurant was called "Catamaran", not flash but very reasonable and had a wide enough selection for both of us (our tastes vary wildly). On about our second visit we ordered coconut ice cream for dessert but it was off, next night "We have coconut ice cream" so we felt obliged to have it! Another place (even cheaper) we used was "Cafeteria Bar Miguel" AND they had more comfortable chairs. Although I didn't feel up to many coach trips we did get a bus to visit one of Edna's friends, Helen, and her husband Tony near Fuengirola.Nice people and a nice bungalow. Had a free coach trip (sales pitch included of course) to Fuengirola (not over exciting) and Benalmadena Pueblo (a most picturesque village), caught the bus to Torremolinos to visit the market and the bus to Mijas, the sort of place we like - reminded us of Mykonos but bigger. We had been pestered by Time Share touts throughout the holiday so, on our last day, we went to a presentation at Benal Beach (just opposite our place). Made it quite clear that we couldn't afford another time share (actually it was Holiday Ownership which seemed more flexible than time share) but had a good look around. To be honest it was better than the one we were staying in and we got 3 bottles of brandy for our trouble.

Benalmadena Pueblo
Benalmadena Pueblo

Shrine at Mijas
Shrine at Mijas


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