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2003 Adonia:

Only had a morning in Cagliari so not too much time to do things. It's not really a touristy town so perhaps a few hours is OK. Saw the amphitheatre although it wasn't open to have a good look round so not really worth the walk and had a look in the Cathedral which was extremely nice. A couple of photos and back on board.

2014 Saga Sapphire:

Not very warm (April 25th.) so we wrapped up pretty well for our wander ashore. Got on the "toy train" (we love those) for a tour around the city. Saw the sights but nothing appeared to be open because it was "Liberation Day", in fact we had to wait at one point for a long procession to go by - lots of flags and a couple of bands. Rain was forecast so, as soon as the trip was finished, we caught the shuttle bus back to the ship.

Statue of Verdi in Cagliari

2014 SagaPearl II:

Very heavy seas so we arrived late (but not as late as predicted). Sister Ann and Michael were on this cruise so we did the "toy train" again. We had a good wander afterwards and Edna went into a scruffy looking Church (I had my shorts on so didn't feel comfortable about going in). She said that it was lovely inside, very baroque. A lady took her behind the Altar to see the Sacristy and it was, apparently, magnificent, 10 large paintings and lots of marquetry. Sorry I missed it and we didn't even make a note of which Church it was! Carried on wandering afterwards but it was getting a bit hot so we got the shuttle bus back.

2015 Sapphire Gallipoli Cruise:

Because of the possibility of trouble in Tunis we went to Cagliari instead and, as we'd been there twice the previous year we stayed on board.



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