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2016 Black Watch.
Went ashore by tender just after 10 and found the "little train" as per usual!

The man who sold us tickets told us that we wouldn't need the headphones as the commentary would be in English. Do they tell everyone these lies or it just we British? No English came out so we tuned the headphones to 2 (the English Channel) - no. Found it eventually on 5 (such as it was), not a good trip. We have a vote to leave / stay in the EU in a few weeks, not sure that the French are over keen on us staying! Back to the ship for lunch and ashore again for a wander around. Of course it's a terrific place (most French places are) and took a few photos along the promenade:

Joan of Arc

Paul McCartney's hand prints in Cannes

A stunning tribute to the Film Festival


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