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2018 Musical Mediterranean
A first visit for the Saga Sapphire and Castellon did us proud! We "jumped" ship quite early but there was (apparently) an excellent reception on board with exchanges of plaques etc. Castellon had laid on a welcome of tables for we folk going ashore with maps, bags, brochures and refreshments - all for nothing - and it was appreciated.
First trip ashore we got the shuttle bus to Independence Place

La Farola in Independence Place. Not too inspiring but nice buildings behind it.

and walked around Ribalta Park. Very pleasant and contains the Pergola

La Pergola in Ribalta Park.

I'm a real traditionalist so do not have a problem with Bull Fighting (part of Spain's heritage) and so was pleased to see a "statue" of a bull and the old Bull Ring next to the park.

Then we had a look in El Corte Ingles Department Store. I've just looked it up and find that it is the biggest Department Store Group in Europe and the fourth biggest in the World. I never knew! Anyway, time to get Edna back to the Ship.
Went out later, on my own, for a swift walk around the City. Very happy that I did. Started at Independence Place again but went the other way towards the old Town. Plaza Mayor, what a lovely Square. The Town Hall, the Co-Cathedral, the Market, the Bell Tower a fountain and another building which I have not been able to identify (too much in the Square!).

The Town Hall and the Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria

The Central Market and ? Is it a Museum?

The Bell Tower (El Fadri - the bachelor)

Then a casual walk back to the Ship via Plaza Santa Clara and Plaza de La Paz.

Homage to Castellon and the Real Casino Antiguo

Also saw rather an unusual statue which appears to be in Honour of the Cordeliers, a populist club during the French Revolution! Perhaps I'm wrong.

Cordeliers Statue

Saw several other statues around the town and took photos of just a few of them.

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