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1983 and 1985. One week in Kavos in October, £99. Couldn't leave it in the shop. Stayed in a studio over Jimmy's Bar and loved it! Weather was just right, place was quiet (Kavos became the disco centre of Corfu* but it wasn't then, see the photo below) and food and drink was cheap. Got quite friendly with the owner (Margarita) of Jimmy's bar and dad / father-in-law (Theos) who gave us a couple of 2 litre bottles of his home made wine. We had one of these at home and sent a photo to them. Next time we went it was £109 for a week! Couldn't stay at Jimmy's Bar but visited there and the folk had moved on. The owner told us that they'd gone to the Crazy Cat which was next door to our room! Needless to say we went there and hugs and kisses all round. Theos was there the next time we visited and greeted us like long lost relations (to the consternation of the other people in the bar). Like all Greek Islands (that I've been to) Corfu is fabulous. The Greeks are lovely people, the history is astounding, the weather is perfect and the food and drink is inexpensive (well it was but the euro has had a huge influence on prices).

2014 Saga Sapphire

Didn't dock until midday and, after catching the shuttle bus into town we found the "little train". Always worth a go, weather permitting. Only cost €6 for about 40 minutes. We then met Brian & Viv (other travellers on the Sapphire) and went for a drink and baklava (lovely!). Then a bit of shopping (ouzo etc.) and back to the ship.

*Quote from Edna's journal, October 11th. 1985 "This will probably be our last trip to Kavos, there is so much building going on"

Man on donkey, Kavos '83


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