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1986. Edna came home from work one day and announced that she was booked to go to Cos with one of her friends! Jean had been recently widowed and had said that she needed a holiday. Edna then said "Go and book and I'll come with you." (She'll do anything for her friends will Edna, even go to the Greek Islands in June!) The weekend they went we had a scorcher in England (shame!). Mind you, it was then I found out that Edna had taken all the sun tan lotion with her. Did I get burnt! Apparently they had a good time but you wouldn't know it from the photos (those I saw anyway).

Bodrum, Turkey - a cooker (does it get more interesting than that!)Kalymnos, the sponge seller (fascinating)
Bodrum, Turkey - a cooker and Kalymnos - a sponge seller. Can it get more exciting than that!

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