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2012 Saga Ruby , 2014 Saga Sapphire , 2015 Saga Sapphire and 2016 Saga Sapphire

2012 Although I am very interested in Military (especially, as far as El Ferrol is concerned, Naval) History we decided to go on a "go as you please" (ie. coach and guide but nothing else) tour to Santiago de Compostella. Fantastic! What a place! One of the major Catholic Religion sites in the World. Now, if anything, I am Protestant but I can appreciate and "log into" other beliefs and this place is special. The Cathedral is awesome and wow.....

Anyway, the Guide gave us the surprising information that this area is Gaelic and they are more like the Irish than the Spanish! Spanish guitar? No. Bagpipes? Yes! Astonishing, even the weather is more Irish than Spanish which means Green! We were played away by a pipe and drum band (see below) and loved ALL of it.

Pipes and drums playing us off.

2014 and a drizzly day. Went ashore but only for a wander around. We dined on the Cruise Director's table this evening (John Parton) together with Kayleigh (Assistant Cruise Director), his dad and step mum and a couple called Day (Kathleen and Malcolm). Excellent evening, excellent company. John persuaded Edna to have snails, she enjoyed them!

2015 and a rather uninspiring trip ashore. Visited a Church but, apart from that, nothing exciting. In El Ferrol one obviously needs to go on tours.

22nd. December 2016 and a gloomy day, no wonder they say it's more like Ireland than Spain! Having said that, we had a rather pleasant walk around the Town. It was very quiet and nice to have it (almost) to ourselves. In the Square outside the Town Hall there was a nice Nativity scene. Not easy to get a good photo and I'm sure it was better lit up after dark but well worth seeing none the less.

I don't know who the statue is but it's quite a nice Christmassy scene

Nativity scene in the Square

There aren't as many sailing us away in 2016

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