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1994. I received a special offer from a Country music magazine that I subscribed to (I know, sad) which offered a long weekend in EuroDisney including a Willie Nelson Concert.

How could we refuse! A coach picked us up locally and we set off for the ferry. A long journey in a coach and the trouble is that I am 6' 3" and there's never enough room. Never mind, when we got near EuroDisney the Courier announced that we had been upgraded to the Disneyland Hotel (didn't mean a thing to us but we could tell by the cheers that it had to be good, it was). What a great place. Fabulous Hotel (and the prices reflect it!), wonderful Park, great Concert - everything was perfect (except the weather). This was October and it was very iffy. I can never understand why EuroDisney wasn't built in Spain, better weather and cheaper. Still they must have had their reasons. Not to worry, we had a great time - too good for the kids!

Foyer of the EuroDisney Hotel
Foyer at the EuroDisney Hotel

Fantasy Land
Fantasy Land

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