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2017 Saga Sapphire 2018 Saga Pearl II

2017. Went out on deck early(ish) and found that, although sunny, there was a chilly breeze. Not to worry, it will get better as the sun gets up. Caught the shuttle bus into town (it was a bit late so we got quite cold waiting for it). Bit of a long run, wouldn't have wanted to walk it. Coach dropped us off at Gustav Adolfs Square, very attractive with a nice statue of himself,

also, a little road train! Love those so straight over for a 35 minute trip around the Town.

The trip was uncomfortable, chilly and not very inspiring so, when we got back to the Square we checked with the coach driver what time he was due to go back to the ship. On the hour and half hour so, as it was 11.47, we wandered off to take a couple of photos of the statue.

11.50 and off the coach went! Not a big deal but we'd asked him 5 minutes before. The 12.30 came in at 12.15 and we got on straight away. Just as well, he left at 12.20.
After lunch it did warm up a bit but we didn't bother to go into town again and just had a lie and read by the pool. I say read but I did take a photo up there!

Another hard day's sightseeing

2018. Docked at a different Cruise Terminal so only 5-10 minutes to the Centre. Shuttle bus dropped us outside the Stora Teatern

Stora Teatern (Grand Theatre)

We decided to have a stroll (this is the best we can manage now!) to Gustav Adolfs Square as I remembered being very impressed with the statue last year. Not sure we should have!

Gustav Adolfs Square in 2018, ouch!

Wandered back to the coach via the Equestrian Statue of Charles IX and a fountain (not working)

After lunch I decided to go back in as there were several places I wanted to see, a bit of a rush round but didn't do too badly for an old 'un! Straight off the bus and to Götaplatsen to have a good look at Poseidon and the surrounding buildings (had seen it on the road train in '17 but wanted a few pictures). I was impressed by the fountains at the end of Kungsportsavenyen which were rather attractively lit

The fountains looking towards the Grand Theatre and with Poseidon and Götaplatsen beyond

Poseidon and the Art Museum

City Theatre and Concert Hall

There was a statue I had seen on the road train and shuttle bus, didn't have a clue who it was but made a point of checking which direction it was in when coming in on the bus this afternoon. So, had a quick walk around the impressive Market building and along the Canal past the Gothenburg Museum (opposite side of the canal) to the statue

The Museum and the statue of Jonas Alströmer (1685-1761), Pioneer of Agriculture & Industry(!) but he did appear on a Swedish stamp in 1961!

The map I had suggested that I had a look at the oldest building in Gothenburg. Didn't inspire me but I'm glad I went because (with the detour) I missed the shuttle bus by two minutes. This gave me time to have a look in the park opposite the Grand Theatre. Very nice! Is, apparently, the Horticultural Gardens. A couple of nice statues and an attractive Palm House. Well worth missing the bus for.

Statue outside (don't know what that's about) and the entrance to the Horticultural Gardens

The Horticultural Gardens and a statue of Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795) an influential Swedish songwriter / composer


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