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What a surprise, we had left the British Isles (although Dublin is not now British, the Island of Ireland is still (geographically if not politically) an island in Britain - Little Britain perhaps!) but it started to rain! How dare the French steal our weather! Didn't go on a tour (to be honest, the Euro makes the trips damned expensive) but what a lovely place.

Old HonfleurOld HonfleurOld Honfleur

Three pictures of Old Honfleur

First of all, it was a pleasure to walk ashore (most of our stops had been at anchor, thank God the weather had been on our side this cruise!). We caught the shuttle bus into Town (it was raining, after all) and had a wander. Saw Satie's house (a French composer of, mainly, piano music - try the Gymnopedies, especially number 1, if you've never heard of him). and some absolutely beautiful timber houses. Wonderful. Had a glass of wine at a street cafe (under cover!), astonishing to think that the wine was as expensive as we would expect to pay in England, and bought a 5 litre box of wine (for about £10 - not as expensive as England) in a supermarket. The wine did me very nicely for my days, later in the month, at the Guildford Cricket Festival! The high spot, however, was the Church of Sainte Catherine. What a fabulous Church. The largest wooden Church in France with a separate Bell Tower. Stupendous.

Maisons Satie

War Memorial, Maison Satie and the interior of Sainte Catherine's

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