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2018 Saga Pearl II

Another great day in Denmark! Hundested gets about three Cruise ships a year so they were really pleased to see us.

No need for Saga to supply a shuttle bus as the locals have one laid on! They even laid on a guide (excellent English and, of course, very knowledgeable) on the FREE bus! It did a few stops (including one for free coffee and Danish Pastry -what else) but we ignored that and went to the end of the line - Kikvahn, the oldest fishing village in the area (13th. Century!). Alright, it's not a fishing village now but it's a VERY attractive hamlet and well worth a walk around.

The guide on the bus back was called Bent Larsen which pleased me immensely as, being a bit of a chess fan, I knew that this was the name of a Danish chess player at the time of Bobby Fischer (you must have heard of him if you are of a certain age!). I did make a comment and he explained to the other passengers that Bent Larsen was, at one time, one of the most famous chess players in the world. It reminded me of our mini cruise to the Greek Islands in 1981 when we had the pleasure of dining with several Danes. I had to admit to them that the only famous Dane I could think of at the time was Bent Larsen! Anyway, I digress!
We got off the bus at the boatyards and had a look around the shops (a look only, Denmark is very expensive). Didn't go in the Sand Sculpture Exhibition (it looked great but time was limited and it was, again, expensive). Bus back to the Ship.
There are, of course, "exciting" tours to do from Hundested but we were happy and more than pleased to spend a few hours in a lovely, clean and pleasant town. This is definitely Saga territory!

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