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1989 (Mini Cruise from Cyprus). To be honest, not quite the experience we were hoping for. We're not religious (far from it) but we did expect to 'feel' something. Unfortunately when our guide pointed to a spot on the floor of a Church and told us that "This is where our Lord laid his head" we switched off! Sorry, but this cannot be known as a fact. Some of our fellow tourists were bending down and kissing the floor, I can understand that they felt a Religious experience but I hope they weren't taken in. Bethlehem was a bit tacky (Holy Manger Store and King David Supermarket etc.). All in all more a commercial experience than anything else. It was summed up by the guide on the Coach saying "On your right is the Garden of Gethsemane". That really did look as we expected, but we didn't stop there (presumably no shops). Stopped at the Elvis Presley Inn on the way back to the ship. The proprietor (Uri) is a great Elvis fan and the place is COVERED with photos, posters etc. That was worth a stop!

Bethlehem (yes, honestly)Western Wall (Wailing Wall), Jerusalem

Bethlehem and the Wailing Wall


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Jerusalem and Bethlehem