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2002. During our "cheap" holiday in Cyprus we saw a trip advertised to Jordan. Fly out at the crack of dawn, only one night in Amman and back Late! Many miles travelled (in a minibus with three other travellers) but we paddled in the Dead Sea, saw the sights of Amman, travelled parallel to Lawrence of Arabia's railway line and went to Petra.

Petra. "A rose-red City 'half as old as Time'!". Fabulous.

Another thing, we were not beset by people who were after something (a common occurence in some Arab countries). Kids were great, shouting "Welcome to Jordan". Made us feel that we wanted to stay (or at least go back again).


Moses Memorial, Mount NeboMoses Staff

Moses Memorial on Mount Nebo and Moses staff

The Treasury, PetraPetra

The Treasury at Petra


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