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2017 Saga Sapphire

What a great day! Only 10 minutes on the shuttle bus from the ship and, as Edna said "Simply enchanting". The shuttle bus was a double decker and I nobly went on to the upper deck, because I could (this is, after all, Saga and many couldn't). The main feature of the town is, I suppose, the Church (The Church of our Lady). A red brick, five steepled most attractive building.

The interior is as attractive (or more so?)

There were several 15th. Century buildings, one of which we went in. This was now a restaurant and Art Gallery. There was an extraordinary piece of art, a frame containing empty pill containers, but it proved to be a record of someone who had had cancer - there were 20 or more frames (like picture frames). Let's be honest, when we first looked at it we thought "Do what?" but when the Curator explained it, it all made sense. We're more lovers of Constable but it just goes to show that "modern" art can have meaning. While we were there we met up with Alf Smith (who we had met on several previous cruises) and Sheena and he invited us to his Saga Diamond dinner. Saga Cruisers become members of the Saga Britannia Club when they have spent 35 nights on board Saga ships. 35 nights, Bronze members. 75 nights, Silver members. 150 nights, Gold members (that's us - over 200 now but will we get much higher?). 500 nights, Sapphire (Wow). 1000 nights, Diamond! Alf tells all and sundry that I'm his brother - many believe him!

Edna was pleased to see a cart pulled by Haflingers

There was to be a concert in the Church at noon so we got there about 15 minutes before. It was packed! Managed to find a couple of seats at the side and the Concert was great. Only 7 people but their voices and harmonies were excellent. Mostly Danish songs but they invited us to stand and join in on "Abide with Me", sang "The White Cliffs of Dover" and finished with a traditional Irish Blessing. Not to be missed.

The concert did overrun by about 20 minutes and we didn't rush to get the first shuttle bus (there were obviously a lot of people to get back to the ship) but caught the second one and as we were late for lunch had to eat in the Beach Club, fish and chips or burgers (shame!). While waiting for the bus we had a wander and came upon this statue. What's that all about?

There have to be some down side views but at least we could see the Church

and we were given a rousing sailaway!

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