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Saga Pearl II 2018

Our first visit to Kiel and it was a case of follow the blue line. Very handy actually. A line on the pavement which directs people to the centre of Kiel. It is, to be honest, a line to the shopping area but what a shopping area! How lovely to go into Woolworth again (and at the prices in there we would have bought a lot if it was local!). On the way we saw a statue of Csar Peter III and a rather sweet statue of Wagner outside a Music Shop!

Csar Peter III of Russia (born in Kiel) - interesting (see the link) and Richard Wagner (and best friend).

Anyway a pleasant, if quite long, stroll so back to the Ship for lunch and, afterwards, a second walk for me to explore a bit more.
One of the first stops, the Monastery - founded in 1242 by Adolf IV of Schauenburg. Alright, the Monastery isn't as it was in 1242 but there is a statue of Adolf in front to commemorate the event. Then the Town Hall and Opera House followed by Hiroshima Park (a peaceful park dedicated to awful events in Hiroshima). Why then is the only statue one of Bismarck. I know that the park has obviously been renamed since the statue was erected but an extra memorial could have been appropriate.

Monastery (with statue of Adolf IV) and Kiel Town Hall

The Opera House - interesting to see that the forthcoming performances include three by Wagner and Evita! Bismarck on the right.

Next to the Cathedral dedicated to St. Nicholas. What a lovely Church! I've decided to give it a page of it's own.

We had been looking at the pavements in Kiel to see if we could see any Stumbling Stones. Would you believe it, on the way back to the ship I'd almost given up hope when.......

I'm sure there are more in Kiel. We must never forget that these were real people and that, somewhere in the World, they have relations living today.

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