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2019 Saga Sapphire - Story of Ireland

We went in on the shuttle bus but perhaps we should have done a coach tour. Nowadays our walking is limited (especially Edna's) and it was not the most inspiring of town centres. I decided, after looking at the map, to "do" the Churches, starting with St. Catherine's Old Church and Burial Ground. Followed the, seemingly simple, map we were given but never found it! Had left Edna sitting on her walker back in Town so didn't want to search high and low for something that (surely) should be clearly signposted. Next to St. Mary of the Visitation:

Very attractive and, looking on their website, stunningly beautiful inside. Sadly, Edna is waiting elsewhere so I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Then to St. John's:

Looks nice, I wanted to have a look around the Churchyard. The only gate I could find on the main road seemed to be locked! Didn't get in! It might be me but a disappointing finish to a disappointing port of call.

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