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To be honest, it got better! No threat of rain (but we still took our waterproofs) and, although the Orkneys are famous for their gale force winds, hardly a breeze! Had to go ashore by tender (thank God there wasn't too much wind) and had a wander around the very attractive Town in the morning (our tour was in the afternoon and, unfortunately, it was Sunday so not too much open early). Bought a few bits and pieces, when the shops opened, and then back to the ship for lunch. Strange to think that we are nearer Oslo than we are to London!

Churchill BarrierScuttled ship
Churchill Barrier and Scuttled Ship

Our afternoon tour was "Leisurely Orkney" (remember, we were scared of the weather when we booked!) but what a tour! We've all (I hope) heard of Scapa Flow but, until it is seen with the sunken ships and the story of the U Boat sinking the "Royal Oak" and the Churchill Barriers which one travels over. Wow! This is History.

Edna looking serious (but we were enjoyning ourselves)St. Margaret's Smiddy
Edna looking serious and St. Margaret's Smithy

The first main stop on our tour was at St. Margaret's Hope. A nice village with a Blacksmith's Museum - very interesting. Edna may look serious in the photo above but I think it was awe at the beauty of it all. Next, a coffee break at the Sands Hotel (with home made cakes and scones - delicious) then onto the high spot of the tour .....

Italian ChapelInside Italian Chapel
The Italian Chapel

The Italian Chapel! Absolutely amazing. Two Nissan Huts which were transformed by Italian P.O.W.s into a Chapel with recycled materials (eg. the hanging lamps were made from bully beef tins). We've done a bit of travelling but haven't been moved by many places more than this.

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