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2018 Harbours of Western France

In on the shuttle bus, cloudy but still very hot. Dropped near the Volcano, "Le Havre's most conspicuous landmark". Conspicuous means "striking", it is striking but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and do I think it's beautiful? Guess!

The Volcano (the white "lump") with St. Joseph's Church behind it and the War Memorial in front
The War Memorial on the right - striking and beautiful. Not a good photo (there are a lot better on the 'net).

Next a stroll along Quai Lamblardie where we found a statue of Francois 1st.

King Francois I (1494-1547)

We did notice that there was a fountain in the Bassin du Commerce (the stretch of water from the War Memorial) but, everytime I went out to get a photo of it, it shut off! Not everytime, after we'd done all our perambulations I managed to get one (but not from where I wanted it). Ah well, life's like that.

The fountain on the Bassin du Commerce
Next to have a look at the Cathedral (via the Museum of Natural History)

The Museum of Natural History and the Notre Dame Cathedral

I left Edna here because I wanted to pop down and see the rather strange structure which looked like a load of shipping containers! What is it? It's arches made of what are meant to look like coloured shipping containers to celebrate 500 years of Le Havre!

The Arches to celebrate 500 years of Le Havre and behind it....the Saga Sapphire. We've caught a shuttle bus and walked around to get here!

Anyway, back to pick up Edna and to St. Joseph's Church. It is huge but not the most inspiring building (in my opinion).

St. Joseph's Church

Then a stroll up to the Town Hall. I do like fountains!

Le Havre City Hall - at last a bit of blue sky!

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Le Havre