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Edna on the beach at Lido, the only photo we actually took there!

But, of course, the main reason for the holiday was to visit Venice. Nevertheless, the hotel we stayed at (Caravelle, still going in 2015 - 3*) was more than adequate although we stayed in the annex and the weather was awful so we seemed to spend a fair amount of time running to the restaurant in the rain! Food was very good (half board), would not have a problem staying there again (although it may have changed in 33 years!). The Hotel has it's own private beach and a snack bar on it which was pretty good. Allocated a table for dinner and were lucky. Shared with a lovely couple from Aberdeen (Alan & Fiona, he, apparently, was quieter than me - takes some doing - but she was a lively soul). Exchanged Christmas cards for some years (have a photo of them with their baby, not born then) but, like most holiday only friendships, it dissolved. Perhaps we'll renew it?
Anyway, our? (I think Edna may have been there before) first visit to Venice was on an organised trip and the first thing we did when we got there was to buy plastic macs (1500lire, about 68p -we hadn't allowed for that in our budget)! Of course it was not the greatest of tours, because of the weather, but the sun did eventually come out and the orchestras in St. Mark's Square were out in the open. Edna remarks in her journal, "One of the lovely places of the World to be in". I don't remember it like that but..... Went back to Venice again on a boat from the beach in Lido. Our Courier advised us not to. "No insurance and expensive". Cost 8000 lire (£3.48) and so simple to walk 100 yards and get on. No problem. Excellent to do the sites without the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the tour. Next day a trip to Verona, Lake Garda and Sirmione. Excellent! The next day another early start. To Cortina. The nearer we got to the mountains the worse the weather became. Not too long before one couple got off because one of them was unwell. In Cortina we went up the cable car for lunch but, by the time we came down it was raining. Oh dear! The story of this holiday. Another trip later to Padua (the Pope was visiting there a couple of days after so lots going on!). Although this holiday seemed to be a disaster, as far as the weather was concerned, I remember it fondly.

Looking at St. Mark's on the left, it wasn't all rain '82 although it doesn't look too bright for Juliet's Balcony in Verona!


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Lido di Jesolo