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Livorno is Leghorn to the British, I don't know why!

2002 Saga Rose
Went on a trip to Pisa (left at 8.45), took about 45 minutes. From where we parked we had about a half a mile walk to Miracle Square. Excellent guide (according to Edna one of the best we'd had). Then 45 minutes spare time, not enough to explore fully. Back on the coach before midday (do they not want to supply lunch?) and back to the ship. Went into Livorno, after lunch, on the shuttle bus. Not too impressed! Got lost and had to ask someone "Scusi, Piazza Grande?". Followed his directions and got back in time!

Livorno at sunset on board the Saga Rose

2006 Arcadia Med Cruise
Went on one of our rare organised tours, to Lucca (the birthplace of Puccini). Only a 35 minute drive from Livorno and a walking tour of the City. Excellent guide (Giovanni) who pointed out (naturally) the house where Puccini was born and the statue in front of it.

Puccini in Lucca (even has an arrow pointing so you know where he is!)

Lovely City with many attractive churches, we didn't go in any as I had my shorts on and, although it doesn't seem to matter nowadays, I was brought up to believe that it is disrespectful to enter places of Worship in shorts. After an hour's tour with Giovanni we had about 75 minutes to ourselves, then back to the Ship for lunch. See the photos for the 2006 Arcadia Cruises.
After lunch we caught the shuttle bus into Livorno but, to be honest, we wished we hadn't! Most of the shops were shut and the place was litter ridden and generally shabby, put us off having a good look around (this seemed to be the opinion of most people we spoke to).

2016 Saga Sapphire. Edna had got a chest infection which kept her awake most of the previous night so a visit to the Doctor was more important than a visit to Livorno. I did a couple of miles around the deck while she was at the Doctor's but, to be honest, it was freezing (not literally). A few weeks later the cold weather really hit Italy and there was a snow avalanche in Penne which engulfed an hotel. As I type this the last of the 29 bodies have been recovered from the ruins.

2018 A musical Mediterranean: Overnight in Livorno. This was, after all, what the cruise was all about for a lot of people. There was a Puccini Festival in Lucca and a trip for an open air performance of La Boheme, also a VIP Bocelli trip {dinner at a Restaurant owned by him and seeing a rehearsal). Both VERY expensive and both getting back to the ship at about 1.30 AM. 20 or 30 years ago perhaps! Everyone who we spoked to who went loved it. I'm sure we would have but we're not sorry we didn't go.
Did, however, decide to go on an afternoon trip (first day) to Pisa. Didn't regret it! Had only been there once before and it was even more stunning than I remembered. A coach ride to the outskirts and, then, a road train tour around Pisa, dropped off near the sites (or sights) where we had a couple of hours to explore. Then, back on the road train for another little tour. Excellent.
In the evening we were entertained by a Concert Pianist, Rustem Hayroudinoff. We do like classical music but did find that his concert was a bit too "virtuoso". Seemed to choose pieces that showed off his piano skills rather than catering for a middle of the road Saga audience. Having said that, we enjoyed it (though some didn't and walked out) and his chat about the composers and compositions was very interesting. Did another concert later and was, again, fascinating with his knowledge. A great pianist who, perhaps, had the wrong audience (after all, the REAL music lovers (except the likes of us who wouldn't pay the high prices and couldn't stand the late night) were off seeing La Bohème or Andrea Bocelli!).
Day two and we went into Livorno on the shuttle bus. We hadn't enjoyed Livorno City before but it was well worth another visit and we had a pleasant wander around taking a few photos (of course).

Monument of the four Moors (1626). Commemorates the victories of Ferdinand I of Tuscany over the Ottomans.

The Sea Monsters Fountain and an equestrian statue of King Victor Emmanuel II (1820-1878)

Monument to Civilians killed in war and the Livorno Chamber of Commerce



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