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Livorno is Leghorn to the British, I don't know why!

2006 Arcadia Med Cruise
Went on one of our rare organised tours, to Lucca (the birthplace of Puccini). Only a 35 minute drive from Livorno and a walking tour of the City. Excellent guide (Giovanni) who pointed out (naturally) the house where Puccini was born and the statue in front of it.

Puccini in Lucca (even has an arrow pointing so you know where he is!)

Lovely City with many attractive churches, we didn't go in any as I had my shorts on and, although it doesn't seem to matter nowadays, I was brought up to believe that it is disrespectful to enter places of Worship in shorts. After an hour's tour with Giovanni we had about 75 minutes to ourselves, then back to the Ship for lunch. See the photos for the 2006 Arcadia Cruises.

After lunch we caught the shuttle bus into Livorno but, to be honest, we wished we hadn't! Most of the shops were shut and the place was litter ridden and generally shabby, put us off having a good look around (this seemed to be the opinion of most people we spoke to).

Livorno at Sunset

2016 Saga Sapphire. Edna had got a chest infection which kept her awake most of the previous night so a visit to the Doctor was more important than a visit to Livorno. I did a couple of miles around the deck while she was at the Doctor's but, to be honest, it was freezing (not literally). A few weeks later the cold weather really hit Italy and there was a snow avalanche in Penne which engulfed an hotel. As I type this the last of the 29 bodies have been recovered from the ruins.


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