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Built 1965 - 22,080 tons
Formerly "Alexandr Pushkin"

A bit "tired" but good value for money . The staff are fair although the Captain was a non-smiler and didn't seem to think that the passengers were worthy of his attention, most unusual on a smaller cruise ship. The cabin we had (417) was a fair size and the beds were comfortable, the food was adequate and the theatre entertainment was good (albeit a bit samey). Smokers are NOT well catered for, no smoking inside and only designated areas on deck. Excellent!
It is, of course, difficult not to compare the "Marco Polo" to other ships but when the initial price of the cruise is compared it comes out as good value for money. Don't, however, expect such good value when you get on board. Cheap wine in the Restaurant was £16.90 per bottle and room service (except cold breakfast) was extra. Also, they add on £5 per person per day for tips which is a bit steep for the quality of service given (you can, of course, opt out of or amend this figure).

2011 Grand British Isles


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Marco Polo