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2003 Adonia and 2012 Saga Ruby

A beautiful Port ringed by pine forests and mountains. In 2003 there was a shuttle bus into the Town so we caught that and wandered up to the Castle, small but pretty with some nice views. The Town has a huge bazaar with all the usual Turkish stuff but very interesting if it weren't for the locals trying to drag you into their shops (in some cases physically). Nice place.

2012 and no shuttle bus but we were told that the town was only a stroll. Rubbish! Saga slipped up here. We'd forgotten that we'd had a bus in 2003 and started walking. Over a mile and by that time we'd had enough (especially as the way in was lined with more modern shops and the persistent shopkeepers). A couple of photos and back on board.

Marmaris Castle
Marmaris Castle

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Marmaris (Turkey)