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2000, 2012 Saga Ruby and 2014 Saga Sapphire

The 2000 holiday actually started a day early (sort of). Because of the petrol shortage, caused by protests against the high cost of petrol (in 2009 we dream of having the price of petrol as it was then!) there was the thought that we may not be able to get transport to Gatwick on the day of the flight so we booked a room at the Travel Inn for the night before and travelled down by taxi. 5.30 am bus from the Hotel to the North Terminal.

Stayed at the Menorca-Club Aguamarina Hotel. First impressions were pretty good but that didn't last! Lots of noisy, inconsiderate people through the night and, when we sun bathed (the grass had been watered but so had the loungers), noisy aerobics classes, child groups etc. Not the place for a quiet holiday. Even on the day trip to Mahon there were only 20 on the coach but 2 were grizzley kids who did not add to our pleasure (in fact, after one stop we were due back at the coach at 12.45, this family got back at 1.00 - no apology of course).

There are some nice places on the island (we particularly liked Mahon) but we were warned after we booked that this is a "family friendly" place. Not for us!

Visited Mahon again on the Saga Ruby (2012). Just a walk around, still a lovely place. In 2014 we had a bit of rough weather the previous day and Edna was a bit fragile but we eventually got the shuttle bus into town and had a trip on the "toy train". Met up with Bev (another Sapphire passenger) who told us that she had been ill for the first time on a cruise. Must have been bad! Got straight on the ship afterwards.

MahonMahon Cathedral


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