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2018 Saga Sapphire

First time in Murcia, on a tour from Cartagena, and the visit was well worth while. The coach first dropped us at Government House (the guide did tell us all about what this meant but I'm now not sure if it was the local, district or regional Government!). (Someone let me know).

Government House and statue of Cardinal Belluga (1662-1743)

There were some attractive fountains outside and I was pleased to see that a Spanish dog lover was giving her mutt a refreshing bath!

The attractive fountains outside the Government House and the same photo with happy dog (it was VERY hot)

A short walk to the stunning Cathedral of Saint Mary. I had deliberately worn trousers (although the temperature would reach a figure that I'd never encountered before) because I NEVER wear shorts into Churches. The Cathedral is closed in the afternoon (minus mark for Saga for not telling us)! Not to worry, the outside was spectacular.

Murcia Cathedral

An excellent guided tour around the outside of the Cathedral and next to the Real (Royal) Casino. Inside this time and what a place! Now what we would call a Gentleman's Club - I'm sure they wouldn't accept me as a member!

Entrance to the stunning Casino in Murcia

A few photos of the inside of the Casino

Next to the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta, perhaps the most important religious place in Murcia. Stunning! The interior is magnificent (just as well I wore my trousers!) and just to look out over the wonderful views of the City and surrounding areas is a joy. The (obligatory) shop is also worth a visit. Keenly priced (a couple of nice pill boxes for Edna at €2 each and 10 postcards for very little).

The magnificent interior of the Sanctuary

A view from the Sanctuary

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