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1981 Greek Islands and Ephesus

Arrived at 6.30 PM and it was just what one imagines a Greek Island should be, all whitewash and narrow cobbled streets. Went ashore by tender and only had about an hour and a half there (there was a buffet on board at 9 and we didn't want to miss that!).

2015 Saga Sapphire Gallipoli Cruise

When, on the Gallipoli Cruise, the Captain announced that, because of a strike, we would not be able to land at Styros the next day and that we would be diverted to Mykonos a cheer went up (let's be honest, not many of us had heard of Styros and nearly every one had heard of Mykonos). We were pleased because, on our 1981 stop, we had only about 90 minutes ashore and had loved what we saw of it.
Caught the shutlle bus and it was still a fair walk to the tourist centre (none of us are getting any younger). Loads of bars, restaurants, shops etc. Didn't remember any of it! Like to eat ashore when we visit Greek Islands but not in the main touristy bit so wandered around the back doubles and found a restaurant called OPA. At least it was playing Greek music! A bit early for lunch so went around the shops, bought a few things and managed to find our way back there. First two in there but it gradually got about 75% full (including another couple of "Saganauts"). Had a litre of house white, very palatable, Lamb Kleftiko and Souvlaki followed by Baklava (of course, love it). Came to €58, not like the prices in the good old days of the drachma! Had a look around the shops on the front (bought a spoon rest for €5, had seen them for 25) and wandered back to the shuttle bus, Back on board about 3 (Formal night and the Captain's Cocktail Party).



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