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2014 Saga Pearl II

If Pope John XXIII loved it who are we to disagree!

"What a beautiful place!" This is how Edna's journal starts for our day in Nessebar. "We'd hardly stepped off the ship before we were in ruins from goodness knows what dates". There are many Churches (which we love) but, as I wore shorts, I didn't go in any (I'm aware that, nowadays, it doesn't seem to matter but I'm old fashioned in many ways). Edna did go in and loved them. We both said that we could spend a holiday here, it was so clean and attractive. Went back again in the afternoon because we had Bulgarian money to spend (you can't take it with you!). Bought a bag for Edna (as if she doesn't have enough) and several "touristy" things. Great stop. Views, a windmill, ruins etc. Walked for what seemed an age and ended up in a Churchyard with the following in it. Can anyone tell me who they are?

The unknown trio


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