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2012 Ruby Cruise

Statue in Olbia, what's that all about?

Olbia had a lot to contend with! It was the 3rd. of June 2012 and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee reached it's climax with a flotilla on the Thames. This was, of course, shown on a large screen on board so Olbia was a short trip ashore. We caught the shuttle bus and had a quick look around. A pleasant little Town but, we went around one corner and were hit by the smell of the drains! Awful. We took a few photos, found a supermarket for a couple of bottles of Sambuka (love it) and then back to the ship. The Jubilee celebrations beat the drains!
Also shown on board was a BBC documentary about "Last of the Summer Wine", this was introduced by Juliette Kaplan (an ardent Royalist) and, a nice touch, before it started she asked us all to stand for the National Anthem.


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