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Arcadia 2006 Med. Cruise

Rain! One of the tours was cancelled because of bad weather so we didn't rush ashore! Had to go in by tender (took 6 minutes) and at least it had stopped raining by then (in fact it was quite warm). We had been led to believe that Palau was a "nothing" place. Strange how different people have different ideas as we found it to be quite nice, with some lovely shops selling above average ceramics etc. We bought a few things but Edna had a nasty cold coming so we got the tender back and she retired to the cabin to take a Lemsip. After I joined her I, apparently, fell asleep for an hour! The sun appeared in the early evening but the "Sailaway" was cancelled because of the "inclement weather". What inclement weather? As it happened, over dinner the ship started rocking and rolling and Edna was (to put it politely) very unwell!

Near Palau (and the weather looks a bit threatening!)

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