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Palermo, Sicily

2009 Wonders of the Eastern Med.:
Went on the City Tour Bus even though it cost 20 euros (the one in Malage cost 11)! Anyway, we found it interesting enough to wander out again in the afternoon to visit the many Churches, fountains and squares full of statues. It was a bit of a trek to the enormous Cathedral but well worth it. Actually, Palermo is a great City with some wonderful sights.

Bit of a treat in the evening. Saga put on extra quiz, "All our yesterdays", which was musicals and old film and TV. Right up our street! We made a couple of stupid mistakes ("I'm getting married in the morning" instead of "Get me to the Church on time" and "I won't bring flowers" instead of "I won't send flowers") but still got 46 out of 51 and won by a proverbial mile.

Palermo Cathedral