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Incredibly, considering how popular Majorca was for British Tourists in the 60s to 90s, we've never had a "package" holiday there. Our only visits have been on cruises and there have been a few of these.
Arcadia 2006, Saga Ruby 2012, Gallipoli Centenery 2015 , Mediterranean Christmas 2016

First visit and, unfortunately, Edna is unwell so our first port of call ashore (we didn't dock 'til late morning) was a Chemist to get some antibiotics (which you could then get without prescription in Spain). After that we found the open top bus and did "the tour" but we weren't really fit to enjoy it - perhaps next time. Perhaps it's Majorca, in 2012 Edna was again unwell and we had a "half hearted" wander around Palma before going back to the ship and a visit to the doctor for more antibiotics (I don't think you could get these over the counter in 2012).

From the above you'd think that we had hardly visited Palma but, come 2015, I was really looking forward to it because of the magnificent Cathedral and the fountains etc. in front of it. We did a circumnavigation of the Cathedral (it really is a sight to behold) but, silly us, we'd arranged to meet people on board for lunch (we had a cake provided by the Sapphire for our Anniversary the day before) so had to rush back (a bit late but I'm sure they didn't mind). I'm astonished that we've only visited the Cathedral 3 times as it stands out, in my mind, so much.

Palma Cathedral from the Saga Ruby

3rd. January 2017 and, at last, we went into the Cathedral! We were not disappointed. The inside is as stunning as the outside, as it was Christmas the decorations were magnificent. The photos that you will see below do NOT do justice to this Cathedral. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a Religious person but I can understand why the Majesty of these structures make people so! Wow!


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Palma, Majorca