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1981 Greek Islands Mini Cruise

We were already docked when we awoke. Our tour was called "Holy Patmos". Up to the Monastery, which was very interesting, and also visited the cave where St. John wrote and prayed (we were told!) which was larger than we expected. Zoomed round and back on board at 10 for boat drill at 10.30.

2012 Saga Ruby : See the photos

Tender ashore at 8.30 for our coach tour, guide was an Englishwoman named Caroline who had lived on the island for 25 years. The trip was a panoramic tour which means, generally, that it only stops for photo shoots. First stop was a Monastery (probably the same one as 1981, don't remember), very tranquil, and then a stop for refreshments (a cold drink with baklava, Edna had 4 pieces of baklava as not many people seemed to want it - she's very good like that, hates waste!). Greek Dancers accompanied the refreshments, very pleasant but, as the trip is only 2 to 3 hours..... Just a couple more photo stops (it is a lovely island) and back to the tender by 11.30. Too early to have lunch (even though food is included on board we do like to eat in any Greek place) and too long to wander around so went back on board.

There was a barbecue on board in the evening and it was quite magical, Greek food, Greek Island, moon etc. As it got dark we watched the lights come on all over Patmos and sailed away about 20.30.

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