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QM2 from a postcard

Entered Service 2004 - 148,528 tons

Make no mistake, this is a magnificent ship! Large, yes, but quiet, smooth and comfortable. The cabin (sorry, Stateroom) was very good and our steward was as good as any we had had previously. Shame about the rest!
Cunard say that their White Star service is better than any ashore or afloat. Not true. Apparently (we were told) the serving staff were originally all Asian but now a lot of them are Eastern European and it must have dragged the level down. Service without a smile seems to be the watchword. In the buffet a couple of the servers managed to get through the whole cruise without saying a word to us. Most strange! The food is OK but not exceptional and the dinner buffet (if you don't want the formality of waiter service) was pretty grotty. Generally only one type of potato and this either gratin or onion. Roast beef and gravy, the veg were mushrooms, spinach and gratin potatoes! Is it me? Don't talk to me about the prices! I've compared the cost of Saga and other lines before but just one example. Saga - house wine (including tip) about $15. Cunard - house wine (including tip - 15% is added to all bar orders "for your convenience" - another untruth) about $32. This price comparison holds good across the board. One afternoon the Commodore (not Captain) was pleased to sign QM2 books (which could obviously be bought on board). Please do not bring postcards or other trivial items. In other words, if you don't pay up he won't sign. It again makes me realise how good Saga are.

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Queen Mary 2