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Saga Sapphire 2019, A Norwegian Saga

Although Rosendal is the Capital of the municipality of Kvinnherad it is "only" a village. But what a setting for a village to be in! I seemed to be taking photos of the Saga Sapphire, in this lovely setting, from every which way.

Edna, Rosemary and I went ashore on the tender and decided that the Church was our aim. Simples! No. There are two ways to reach the Church (or the summit, as we may call it). Firstly, straight up a VERY sharp incline - not for us. Secondly, meandering (but always going upwards) - sounded better. Off we went. Needless to say, there were a couple of sights that had us puzzled

What's that all about? and What's that all about?

Then we came to the statue of the "world famous horse". Naturally, we'd never heard of it and it looked a somewhat strange type to me. Surely a caricature.

About this time Edna realised that she was not going to make it all the way so decided to go back to wait for us at the landing station. Rosemary and I trudged on, ever upwards. Then we came upon a relative of the "world famous horse".

A Fjord horse. Rosemary loves horses as much as Edna does (and that's a lot!)

Good to have a little rest where the horse was but, ever upwards. Until, in the distance, we saw THE CHURCH!

Let's hope it was worth the walk.
It was!

Rosendal Church (what a back drop) and a Memorial outside (surprise, Saga Sapphire in the background)

There was a young lady in the Church (a volunteer) who was there purely because the Sapphire was in port and to show us around. Cost a small amount but she was enthusiastic (someone who loved her Church and her Village) and knowledgeable. Obviously can't remember what she told us now but, it was very interesting at the time! Excellent! And, a lovely (simple) interior.

The interior of Rosendal Church

We took the short (steep) route down. Not (quite) as bad as I thought it would be. If you are reasonably able bodied then take the steep way up (as long as you don't mind missing the "interesting" sights on the way (and the horse)). Edna was waiting at the landing stage and we winged our way back to the ship. Nice stop.

We're leaving Rosendal

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