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2014 Saga Pearl II


No need for a shuttle bus as we were docked right by the Town. Lots of statues and we walked through some gardens then climbed some steps up an embankment by some Castle walls. At the top there was a statue of Diogenes, a pleasant surprise. Strolled back into town and were stopped by a man (English) who said that the building we were outside was a "charming" Mosque. So, we took our shoes off and went inside. It certainly was charming! Small but delightful. Not "over the top", it had a polished wooden ceiling, carpeted floor and some very attractive lamps. Well done that man for tipping us off. The plaque outside dated it at 1062 which, I believe, is 1651/2 in the Gregorian calendar. That would mean that Cromwell was Lord Protector of England when it was built, astonishing. (Have just looked it up on the 'net and it was built in 1651 and is one of the oldest Ottoman Mosques in the World)

Mehmet Aga Mosque in Sinop


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