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Virginia Patterson Hensley
Born 8th. September 1932 - Winchester, Virginia
Died 5th. March 1963 - Camden, Tennessee

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Unlike the majority of people in the UK I found Patsy before she died! I was blown away by "She's got you" and delved deeper. Searched for her singles, bought a few (including her latest "Heartaches", which was the only one - I think - to make the UK Charts) and then she died! This, of course, made me an even bigger fan (isn't it always thus) and I "chased" her recordings. Many years later when she was "re-discovered" in the UK (probably because of the film "Coal Miner's Daughter") a lady in the office that I worked asked me (as a fount of all knowledge on the music scene - I know, but everything is comparative!) where she could get the hits of Patsy Cline. I replied "My house" but I was married so it never came to anything, I just went into WH Smith's and bought her a CD and got back my outlay.


Patsy Cline (1932-1963)