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Noel John Christopher Harrison
born 29th. January 1934 in Kensington, London
died 20th. October 2013 in Exeter, Devon

The official website of Noel Harrison

Noel (son of film star Rex Harrison, "My Fair Lady" etc.) only appears here because of one single that he released in the UK in 1966. Written by Charles Aznavour (not one of my favourites) and originally recorded by Edith Piaf (even less of a favourite although Edna likes her) "A young girl of sixteen" struck a chord with me at the time and is still one of my favourites. The flip side "Tomorrow is my turn" (also written by Aznavour) is another great track. As the tracks are over 50 years old I can legally put them on the site in full!

To please Edna I will add a recording of the original by Edith Piaf.


Noel Harrison