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Frederick Albert Heath
Born 23rd. November 1935 - Willesden, England
Died 7th. October 1966 - Bolton, England

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In many ways Johnny Kidd and the Pirates started the '60s beat boom. There was rock and roll, there was pop but (we all thought) the Beatles brought something original to the scene. A British GROUP playing stuff that was equal to the American stuff. There was another group who were the equal of the American scene. To me, at that time, JK and the Pirates were "Shakin' all over". This was a breath of fresh air on the British beat scene ("Please don't touch" had affected me less in '59). Anyway, times changed and JK evaporated from my life! Then in '63 "I'll never get over you" appeared. This was a "Beat Group" record and I bought it. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were back (in my life).


Johnny Kidd (1935-1966)