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Robert George Meek
Born 5th. April 1929 - Newent, England
Died 3rd. February 1967 - Holloway, England

Wikipedia page for Joe

THE number one Record Producer of the early sixties. Still has a flourishing Fan Club (JMS). A strange man but a genius (not a word that I use that often).

Apparently, when Emile Ford (Michael Emile Telford Miller - born 16th. October, 1937 in Saint Lucia, WI and died 11th. April 2016 in London, England) was making his first record at Pye the producer was so certain that his choice of A side (Don't tell me your troubles) was going to be the main recording he left Emile (who, apparently, was a bolshie so and so who didn't think anyone but him could produce his recordings properly - and this was his first!) and the recording engineer, a certain Joe Meek, to sort out a B side. Needless to say, "What do you want to make those eyes at me for" (1959) was a smash hit around the World and is one of the greatest early British beat ballads. It was so good that I bought it!

Geoff Goddard
Born 19th. November 1937 - Reading, England
Died 15th. May 2000 - Reading, England

Wikipedia page for Geoff

In 1961 I heard a record called "Girl Bride". I didn't know who recorded it but it was one of those songs that went around in my head for years.I obviously knew of Geoff because of his close connection to Joe (he wrote many of the songs recorded by Joe's artists and played piano on many of Joe's hits) but it wasn't until the last few years that I found out that he was the man who sang "Girl Bride"!

Listen to Girl Bride - (well, some of it)


Joe Meek