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2018 Saga Pearl II

Saga Pearl II taken from the tender going into Sönderborg. One of the first cruise ship photos taken in Sönderborg?

This was a special day. The first time that a cruise ship had ever visited Sönderborg! We were, actually, due in about 07.30 but were delayed so the locals had got up early to welcome us and (unfortunately) had to wait a while. What a show they put on! I went ashore alone (Edna doesn't do tenders) and loved it. Roads closed, a three piece group on stage (played blues, rock & roll and pop - very versatile and very good)

Welcoming us ashore and an equestrian statue nearby (don't know what that's about)

Everyone was given a bag of goodies (cookies, magazine, map etc.) and at the Castle there was a fanfare and "soldiers" on horseback. (There was also a vintage car display, we all love vintage cars - well, all of us of a certain age!)

Had a walk around the Castle and then headed for the Church (I'm very fond of churches). Not too many heading in that direction but it was a nice stroll along the "promenade", nice buildings and a most attractive church.

Back to the group on stage and up to the "Flea Market" (Edna wouldn't have liked up). I did notice that I had not seen as many Union Flags on display since the wedding of Harry and Meghan. They really did put on a show! A few photos of the market:

Market on the Main Street.

Fountain and Road Train (didn't go on it but love those)

Even a windmill in the Town!

A terrific day and I'm sure that many more cruise ships will visit Sönderborg in the future. Thankyou Sönderborg.

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