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1979 (With Edna, Ann and brother in law Ron)

05.30 start (we used to be gluttons for punishment)! Beautiful day and a wonderful view as we went over the Alps. Hotel Del Mare down near the Fisherman's Wharf. Probably only 2-3* but we enjoyed it. Very friendly and no complaints at all. Most of this holiday was lazy, wandering up into the Town, sunbathing on the Hotel roof etc. but, the first full day was my birthday and when we were in town there was a procession of all ages, people dressed in white with pointed headgear (somewhere between a dunce's cap and the Ku Klux Klan we thought!), playing the most peculiar instruments (including what appeared to be home made percussion). I can't believe it was laid on for my benefit! Had a trip to Capri (the Blue Grotto - interesting but not over exciting, Esther Williams's place up on the cliffs, Axel-Munthe's house - look him up!). Capri Town has (we thought) Clovelly like streets and we had an included lunch in the Hotel Capri then an hour to wander before it rained (heavily). Back to the Hotel where, apparently, Ron and I played chess (can't remember Ron and I ever playing chess together although we were great friends - he's no longer with us). Went to Pompeii, fantastic, but most of the "treasures" are in the Museum which was closed - or in the Naples Museum! Edna and Ann went by train to Herculaneum on our second Monday. Closed, as was the Museum! They were not impressed with the Town. When they got back to Sorrento a local man latched on to them. "Do you like Sorrento?", "Have you been before?" etc. When he got to "Perhaps you'd like to come into town for a drink tonight?" Edna said "I don't know whether our husbands would like it.". "Sorry" and goodbye! Wednesday and up early because we'd booked a trip on the Amalfi run. Shouldn't have bothered as the coach didn't turn up and when the hotel rang to find out, we were not booked! (Our Travel Company were C.I.T., are they still around?). Got our money back from the rep. (Shirley) but she wasn't over apologetic. Our holiday was full board (wouldn't do that now except on a cruise) but we did eat out a few times. I'm not a pizza person but the others enjoyed a pizza place called "Delfino's" down on the Fisherman's Wharf. We had quite a few drinks at a couple of places down there (they were so cheap, wine served in Coke bottles but drinkable) and, on our last day, we decided to have fish at the "Taverna Azzura" (we had two bottles of wine and a beer there before for 2000 lire - about £1.10, incredible). We had fish, tomato salad and bread, a bottle of wine (Pepsi Cola bottle), grapes followed by Sambucca and a dry martini. Expensive (didn't note how much but 38 years later I remember thinking that). Not to worry, we loved it. Probably not there now but we called it "gut Italy". Magic! Late taking off and, when we got to Gatwick, Customs were on strike. Could have brought any amount of contraband home, ah well, next time.

Ann with the Fisherman's Wharf behind.
Ann with the Fisherman's Wharf in background


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