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1991. Had a fabulous time in the South of France - no thanks to the Time Share we stayed at (Le Golfe Bleu in Roquebrune) No facilities worth talking about, nothing within walking distance (except the Railway Station to take you away) and THE most unfriendly staff you could wish to meet (they had a go at an elderly American couple because they couldn't speak a word of French and they actually counted the cutlery before we left the apartment!). Roquebrune was nice though (see photo). Luckily we only had one week there and then found an hotel in Villefranche. Noisy and cheap hotel but what a fabulous place. Monte Carlo, Italy and Nice just a few stops away on the train. Highly recommended.
2006 Arcadia. Loved Villefranche so much the first time we went there that we just spent the day wandering about the Town and had a tour on the Toy Train (they're always worth a go). Unfortunately the lovely sign seen in the bottom photo has been replaced by a plain road type sign (progress?).

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