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Marco Polo at St. Mary's St. Mary's Tour Bus
Marco Polo in St. Mary's and the Tour Bus

Great place, but the organisation! Ashore reasonably early for a Coach Tour of the island (only one hour!). Our driver / guide was an ex-Londoner who regaled us with facts and humorous stories about the island (including the 335 year war with Holland which was finally brought to an end in 1986!) Very pretty island and, I imagine, a peaceful haven for a longer holiday. Decided to get the 11.30 tender back to the ship for lunch and arrived at the landing stage at about 11.25. Tender had just left. Someone then put out a sign saying next tender to the Marco Polo, 1 pm! As we'd been told that the first one back was 11.30 and then every half hour there were ructions, we were not the only ones there. The poor young lass from the ship who was there tried to contact the ship, no luck, but did say that a tender was coming and we'd be OK. This arrived, unloaded, and then had to move away to allow another tour boat to unload. This unloaded and then loaded again while we waited. Then another tender unloaded and, eventually, after about 50 minutes (in blazing sun) we loaded up and went back to the ship for lunch. The tenders were the only local ones used and it seemed that we were way down on the list of St. Mary's' priorities. They must get plenty of cruise ships, surely it's not beyond everybody to organise things properly.

King Charles BatteryStar Castle
King Charles's Battery and Star Castle

Went ashore again after lunch for a wander around the town and up to the fortifications on the cliff. Came down via Star Castle (which is now an hotel, very expensive) and so back to the ship. Another stunning stop.

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