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This was the high point of the trip! We had arranged to meet a "Family Tree Friend" and he gave us a great tour of the island. Having never met Peter Hugo before we were a bit apprehensive and when we couldn't get in touch on my mobile we were a bit panicky BUT, as I was trying to reach him from a public telephone Edna turned up with Peter in tow!

Fort GreyLa Gran' Mere du Chimquiere
Fort Grey and La Gran' Mere du Chimquiere

Peter gave us a great tour of the Island, more than we could ever have done on an organised trip, and it was tailored to our requirements (History and Churches). Not a promising start when the first Church was closed but then to Le Dehus, a prehistoric stone burial chamber - probably would not have noticed it if we hadn't been with Peter! Managed to get into two Churches, St. Phillippe de Torteval (one stained glass window above the altar and the rest plain but what an attractive Church) and St. Michel de Valle (lovely, if simple, stained glass windows). Saw Forts etc., too many to mention, and had "lunch" (a snack, we had a formal night to look forward to on board!) at "The Guernsey Pearl", near Fort Grey. Passed the 16' Chapel, made of shells and pebbles, but didn't stop (after all, we "only" had about 5 hours with Peter - can you believe that even with that much time we didn't have time for some things?). What a day, it'll stay in our memories for a very long time ('Til the next time Peter).

Prosperity MemorialSt. Philippe de Torteval
Prosperity Memorial and St. Phillippe de Torteval

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