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Saga Sapphire 2019, A Norwegian Saga

Edna was feeling a bit "weak and wobbly" so stayed on board. Rosemary and I went ashore for a walk around the Town.

Is it a crocodile or an alligator? No, it's Rosemary!

The above was taken by a rather pleasant lake with a nice fountain and, alongside, a rather sweet statue of a boy with ducks

Stavanger's 12th. Century Cathedral was also adjacent to the lake

Stavanger's 12th. Century Cathedral. Apparently not substantially altered since it was built. Wow, can the clock be original?

The comment about the clock is what we in the UK call satire, by the way, but the Cathedral really is impressive and I wish we had spent a bit more time on it (externally and internally).
Still, I must have my fix of statues

Sigval Bergesen d.y., Shipping Magnate (1893-1980), Arne Garborg, Writer (1851-1924) and Alexander Kielland, Writer (1849-1906)

and Churches (just one, not easy to get a decent photo but what a striking Church!)

St. Petri, built 1866

AND we had to visit the Valberg Tower before getting back to the ship in time to have lunch with Edna!

Valberg Tower, a bit of a trek up for us oldies but worth the effort

Needless to say we saw a few strange(ish) "statues" on our stroll around town

A good day, but another of those places where one needs more time, or one needs to be 30 years younger and can "zoom" around! We were like that 30 years ago!

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