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And so to the Outer Hebrides. Once again ashore by tender, a quick trip around the Town and bought a couple of things (including a 2012 Calendar of the Scottish Isles) then back on board for lunch and to get ready for our next tour (Wonders of the Western Isles).

Ilse of LewisIsle of Lewis Chessman
Isle of Lewis and Isle of Lewis Chessman

First stop was the Callanish Standing Stones, 3500 years old and laid out in the form a Cross (1500 years before Christianity). More accessible than Stonehenge (but not, to be honest, as impressive), it is a bit strange to wander among them. Edna mentioned to one of our number that she'd love to see them by moonlight but the lady shuddered and thought it would be spooky!

Callanish stonesBlack House
Callanish Stones and Black House

Then on to the "beautifully remote coastal settlement of Gearrannan" (it says in the tour blurb). This is a wonderful restoration of "typical black houses". Saw a video about weaving of Harris Tweed and another about Peat Cutting - doesn't sound it but it was fascinating. Then we were given a talk by a local lady who obviously loved her subject and, therefore, enthralled us all with tales of the people who had lived there (until quite recently) and the general history. Another wonderful trip.

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